Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Extruder Screen Has High Filtration Accuracy

FES-01: Stainless steel extruder screens possess very fine meshes.

Stainless steel fine mesh extruder screens are made from fine wire cloth that has high filtration precision. And it can be round, ring, oval or other shapes with or without frame edges.

As the key component of extruder, fine stainless steel extruder screen can keep impurities out from rubber, viscous or other liquid materials. And it also can be used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Specifications of stainless steel fine mesh extruder screen:

  • Materials: 304, 302, 304L, 316 stainless steel wire.
  • Mesh count: 50–650 mesh, or finer mesh can be customized.
  • Thickness: 0.08–5 mm.
  • Shapes: round, ring, oval, tube, etc.
  • Processing methods: plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave.
  • Packing: wrapped with moisture-proof paper or plastic film and then put into cartons or pallets.

Stainless steel fine mesh extruder screen features:

  • High filtration precision and precise size.
  • Excellent resistance to rust, acid, alkali and abrasion.
  • Various shapes can be applied to different machines.

Stainless steel fine mesh extruder screen applications:
With good resistance to corrosion and high temperature, stainless steel extruder screen can filter:

  • Melt such as plastic, rubber, chemical fiber, hot melt adhesive, coating materials.
  • In chemical, medicine, food industries.

FES-02: Stainless steel extruder screen filter discs have high filtration precision.

FES-03: Stainless steel extruder screens can be ring shapes.

FES-04: Tube shape stainless steel fine extruder screen.

FES-05: We can provide various small sizes of stainless steel extruder screens.

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