Should I Choose Wire Mesh Panels or Chain Link Fencing?

Can you tell the difference between chain link fences and wire mesh panels?

If you’ve recently started shopping for a new fence for the first time (or the first time in a long while), you may be surprised by the number of options available. Whether your adding a fence as a security perimeter around your property or looking to partition sections of your property, you will likely find that the most common options are chain link or wire mesh panel fencing. Both options have their strengths but understanding their differences is the key to choosing the best one for your needs.


Welded mesh and chain link actually look somewhat similar. Whereas chain link is a series of heavy gauge wires bent and interwoven together so they twist slightly to snuggle together at each intersection, wire mesh is welded at each horizontal and vertical intersection of wire. The welding makes welded mesh a more rigid fencing option and allows it to provide greater customization when it comes to the holes or gaps in the fence. For instance, welded mesh can be made anti-climb by decreasing the size of the holes to less than finger size, while chain link cannot.


For most businesses, security is going to be the bottom line, even more so than cost. While chain-link does provide a very secure option for perimeter fencing, it is not as secure as wire mesh panels. Breaching a chainlink fence can often be accomplished with as simple a tool as bolt cutters, while cutting wire mesh panels requires much more advanced tools. 


Welded wire mesh is constructed from galvanized steel, making it very strong and durable. It will maintain its integrity and appearance for years to come with very little effort on your part. The material can be hot-dip galvanized or vinyl coated for protection from the elements and weather of any environment.  Additionally, welded wire mesh panels will not unravel link chain link if it becomes cut or damaged. 

Replacement Expense

Eventually, you will reach a stage where you have to replace some or all of a section of fence. This may be because it was damaged in a breach of some sort or for some other reason, such as it wearing out over time. Replacing chain link requires a sizable chunk of time and money, since large sections need to be replaced for even small damages. Wire mesh is more durable and lasts longer, and if it does need to be repaired it costs less to do it. 


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