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Rib Lath Rib lath has V ribs and high tensile strength, rib lath is ideal material used as a background for plaster, render, stucco application in construction of suspended ceilings partition. READ MORE High Rib Lath High ribbed lath compared with metal lath has engineering quality and construction security. High rib lath is widely used in construction reinforcement of bridges, sewage system. READ MORE Expanded Metal Lath Metal Lath is available in expanded metal lath, self-furred, paper-backed, flat-ribbed, diamond mesh and high ribbed lath. It can be galvanized expanded rib lath. READ MORE Brickwork Reinforcement Metal lath is used in construction for brickwork reinforcement. The types have expanded metal lath, high rib lath. It is widely in application of roads, concrete slabbing. READ MORE Spray Lath V Ribbed Spray Lath - V-Ribbed is intended for applications not requiring a water resistant barrier. Spray lath stucco is spray applied to the surface of the lath to build stucco thickness. READ MORE Paper Back Metal Lath Paper back metal lath is named diamond mesh lath regular or self-furred. Paper back metal rib lath is in application of water resistant, yet highly vapor permeable. READ MORE Stainless Steel Lath Rib lath is made with the materials of SS304, SS316 to the industry leading lath products. We can supply stainless steel metal lath and accessories catalog. READ MORE Flat Rib Lath Flat rib lath is manufactured from high quality galvanized steel with zinc coating. It is a kind of metal laths used for paper-backed in either paper with more rigid, wide spacing features READ MORE Diamond Mesh Lath Diamond metal lath is made of hot dipped gal steel or zinc coated carbon steel sheet. It is easy to cut and provide ample keying for scratch coat. READ MORE Welded Wire Lath Welded wire fabrics can be used in making of metal lathing products. Made from quality galvanized carbon steel wire, welded wire mesh fabrics offer good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. READ MORE Self Furred Metal Lath Self-Furring Metal Lath is made for masonry surfaces with hardened concrete nails and fasteners. Materials used are usually hot dipped galvanized steel sheets. READ MORE