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Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Hardware: Pole Line directory on the Internet. A broad range of Hardware: Pole Line resources are compiled in this industrial portal which provides information on manufacturers, distributors and service companies in the Hardware: Pole Line industry.

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Lindsey Systems

Thomas Verified
ico-map Azusa, CA Manufacturer* $25 - 49.9 Mil 1947 200-499

Manufacturer of fittings, hardware and fasteners for power transmission and distribution applications. Various products include adapters, bases, bolts, brackets, bushings, clamps, clips, davit arms, insulators, chain links, connection links, monitors and nuts.


Fairchild Auto-Mated Parts, Inc.

Thomas Verified
ico-map Winsted, CT Custom Manufacturer* $1 - 4.9 Mil 1944 10-49

Custom manufacturer of precision machined parts including pole line hardware. Various materials include aluminum, beryllium, carbon steel, copper, palladium, stainless steel, titanium, molybdenum, platinum, silver, phenolic, nylon, polysulphone, PTFE and PVC. Capabilities include boring, deburring, drilling, grinding, knurling, milling, polishing, reaming, turning, broaching, hobbing, slotting, cutting, tapping, thread rolling, thread whirling, parting, facing, internal forming, counterboring, countersinking, pocketing, profiling and reaming. Secondary services include assembly, bending, pressing, welding, plating, passivating, etching, chromating, heat treating, anodizing and plastic molding. Various industries served include aerospace, appliance, automotive, HVAC, marine, medical and mining. Emergency and rush services available. AS compliant.


Kroh-Wagner, Inc.

Thomas Verified
ico-map Chicago, IL Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer $1 - 4.9 Mil 1924 10-49

Custom manufacturer of pole line, track & roller hardware. Available in materials including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, zinc, steel, galvanized steel & stainless steel. Products such as angles, channels, decorative trims, mouldings, tubing, rings & frames are also available. Services include CAD design engineering, roll forming, tooling, fabricating & finishing.


Electroline, Div. of Esmet

Thomas Verified
ico-map Canton, OH Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer $5 - 9.9 Mil 1937 10-49

Custom manufacturer of pole, telephone and utility cable hardware or supports including wire rope slings and straps. Meets Military Spec. and is UL listed. 3 years warranty.


Gold Band


Colonial Teltek

ico-map King of Prussia, PA Distributor* $10 - 24.9 Mil 200-499

Distributor of aerial hardware for pole lines. Products include drop ducts and brackets. Available in various dimensions and configurations. Serves the outside plant, telecommunication, and utility industries.


West Coast Lockwashers, Inc

ico-map City Of Industry, CA Distributor* $5 - 9.9 Mil 1957 10-49

Manufacturer & distributor of flat washers, fasteners, lock washers, spring washers, plastic components & threaded fasteners. Types of plastic components include plastic fasteners, bearings, bumpers, electrical & electronic components & furniture components. Threaded fasteners include screw & washer assemblies, thread forming & cutting fasteners, nut & washer assemblies, nylon threaded fasteners & rivet nut fasteners. Spring washers include wave & conical washers. Lock washers include helical spring & square conical lock washers. Materials include plastic, nylon, stainless steel, steel, brass & carbon steel. Products also include rivet nut inserts, push/pull rivets, cable ties, stems nuts, kingnut & one piece molded screw & nut fasteners, shaft retainers, Belleville disc springs & military specification fasteners.


Stalcop L.P.

ico-map Thorntown, IN Custom Manufacturer* $10 - 24.9 Mil 1981 200-499

Lean manufacturing. Custom manufacturer of pole line hardware including eyebolts used in hot line clamps. Materials include aluminum, silicon bronze & steel. Hardware is available with various coatings & heat treatments. TS-16949 compliant. UL listed. Kan Ban system available. JIT delivery available.


Distributor of a full line of electrical supplies, lighting fixtures & equipment, & construction materials. Products include conduit, industrial products, lighting, tools, test equipment, chemicals, wiring devices, wire, cable, cord, conduit fittings, bodies & fasteners, fuses & accessories, tape, connectors, splices & terminals, metersockets, time clocks & timers, energy saving products, power conditioning/TVSS, & pole line hardware. Capabilities include designing & building of custom control panels & instrumentation, wire cutting & custom wire put-ups, most orders delivered within 24 hours & local 24 hour emergency deliveries. Markets include commercial, industrial & residential construction, industrial manufacturing, OEM, investor-owned utilities, municipal power authorities & rural electric cooperatives, & data communication & premise wiring equipment & CIG (commercial, institutional & government).




Reco Industries

ico-map Wentzville, MO Distributor*, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company Under $1 Mil 1997 1-9

Manufacturer of custom pole line hardware used in aerial construction of overhead electric power lines. Various products include brackets, plates, clevises, pins, racks, pole steps, cable hardware, hooks, insulators, shackles, pins, connecting & extension links, eyelets, guy attachments & cable clamps. Capabilities include hot & cold forming, injection molding, casting, hot, cold & drop forging, machining, assembly, plating & stamping.


Utility Metals

ico-map Louisville, KY Manufacturer* $5 - 9.9 Mil 10-49

Manufacturer of outdoor lighting products including steel transformer bases for area lighting poles. Custom fabricated to specifications, available hot galvanized & painted. Also manufactures breakway transformer bases made of cast aluminum which accommodates 10-1/2 in. to 17-1/4 in. bolt circles. AASHTO Approved.


Inwesco Incorporated

ico-map Locations Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer $5 - 9.9 Mil 10-49

Manufacturer Overhead & Underground Hardware For The Electrical & Telecommunication Industry. Supporting Precastors & OEM's With A Full Range Of Vault & Underground Hardware. Custom Fabrication Services


Glasforms, Inc.

ico-map Locations Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer $1 - 4.9 Mil 1978 200-499

ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of hardware including curtain & drapery hardware & pole line hardware. Products include round rods, rectangular bars, round tubings, oval solids, angles, square bars, channels, half rounds, Tees & custom shapes. Materials include glass, carbon, exotic fibers, hybrids & epoxy resins. Services include design, formulation, analysis & testing. Markets served include recreation, defense, consumer, electrical, infrastructure, corrosion control, telecommunications, transportation, construction, aerospace, medical, energy & sporting goods.


Helical Line Products Co.

ico-map Avon Lake, OH Manufacturer* $1 - 4.9 Mil 1964 10-49

Custom manufacturer of pole line hardware. Pole line hardware include ties, clamps, grips, splices, dead ends, line guards & armor & lashing rods. Pole line hardware is available in various models, specifications & variety of colors.


Traffic Parts, Inc.

ico-map Spring, TX Manufacturer* Under $1 Mil 1986 1-9

Manufacturer of traffic control equipment and signals. Products include vehicle and pedestrian signals, LED inserts, pedestrian pushbuttons, utility poles and bases, warning flashers, solar flasher controllers, and sign clamps.


Manufacturer of pole line hardware. Products such as anchoring systems, junction boxes, stampings, forgings, transformer cabinets, meter boxes and pole mounts are available. Markets served include telecommunication, railway, transportation, electrical and municipal industries.


H-J Family of Companies

ico-map High Ridge, MO Custom Manufacturer* $1 - 4.9 Mil 200-499

Laboratories for research and testing services including electrical and environmental testing. Types of tests offered include wet and dry AC withstand, radio interference voltage, partial voltage, power factor, impulse, temperature rise, current rating, thermo cycling, tension, compression, thermal imaging, X-ray imaging and more. High voltage test laboratories can perform tests to customer specifications. Testing is conducted in accordance with ANSI/IEEE, NEMA, CSA, and IEC standards


Adsco Line Products, Inc.

ico-map Houston, TX Manufacturer* $1 - 4.9 Mil 1996 1-9

Manufacturer of stainless steel and alloy products and pole line hardware. Products such as strands, grips, splices, suspension clamps, lashing wires, wire ropes, ground rods, conduits, hubs, cable rings and saddles, hangers and supports are available.


Custom Plastics Inc.

ico-map Elk Grove Village, IL Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer $10 - 24.9 Mil 1953 100-199

U-Guards (riser guards) provide high impact, non-conductive protection to power and communication cables that are installed vertically on utility poles. Lightweight pole protection products produced with non-conductive, lightweight materials. Manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 certified plastics extruder, all pole protection products are made in the U.S.A.


Garvin Industries

ico-map Franklin Park, IL Manufacturer*, Custom Manufacturer $10 - 24.9 Mil 1896 10-49

Manufacturer of standard and custom electrical construction and pole line hardware. Products include a variety of aerial drop wire supports. Serves distributors, contractors, and original equipment manufacturers. Provides FOB shipping and limited warranty. UL listed.


Global Certified Fasteners

ico-map Maywood, IL Distributor* $1 - 4.9 Mil 2006 1-9

Distributor of standard and custom pole line hardware. Products include adjustable pole bands, cable clamps, clevis bolts, and cross arm, forged steel, high voltage insulator, and pole top pins. Materials used include carbon & heat treated steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum & exotic materials. Available in carbon and heat treated steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and exotic metal materials with plain, mechanical galvanized, hot galvanized and zinc plated finishes. Inventory management, bin stocking, Kanban, same day shipping, stock and release, and JIT delivery available..


Western Wire Products Co.

ico-map Fenton, MO Custom Manufacturer*, Manufacturer Under $1 Mil 1914 50-99

Manufacturer of special hardware including strap, pole line & store fixtures for plumbing & electrical accessories fixation. Other product includes ring cotters, clinch pins, pipe hooks, perforated hanger bar, pipe straps, tie wires, tag fasteners, spring pins, hitch pin clips, lock pins, hog rings, handy hog ringers, upholstery rings, J, S & V hooks, safety pin fasteners, tinner's tape, humped cotter pins, wedge-fast cotters, key snaps, key rings & lock washers in wide range of dimensions. For use in military, logging & lumber industry applications.


Manufacturer of overhead transmission and distribution products serving the power utility, telecommunications, cable television, industrial, chemical process, petrochemical, pulp and paper and distribution industries. Selection includes cables, cable rings, poleline hardware, fasteners, pipe hangers, supports, conduit couplings, hubs, ground rods, crossarm braces, insulator hardware, lashing wire and cable guards.


Hudson Electric Sales Corp.

ico-map New York, NY Distributor*, Custom Manufacturer 1947

Worldwide distributor of pole line hardware. Other products include air brakes, ballasts, batteries, boxes, brushes, controls, cables, capacitors, conduit fittings, circuit breakers, electric motors, cable grips, poles, connectors, contactors, signals & wiring devices. Water coolers, emergency lights, fixture lighting, cable fittings, gas distributor products, fans, fuses, insulators, splicing kits, lamps, wire markers, meters, plugs, resistors, starters, switches, switchgears, tapes, tools, transformers & valves are also available.


McGraw Edison


Global Fastener & Supply, Inc.

ico-map New Berlin, WI Distributor* $10 - 24.9 Mil 1985 10-49

Full line distributor of hardware, standard, special & metric fasteners, springs, o-rings, knobs, hinges, grease fittings, cable ties, stampings, inserts & per print items. Contract packaging. Kit building. Inventory management services.


EMKA, Inc.

ico-map Middletown, PA Manufacturer* $10 - 24.9 Mil 1983 10-49

Manufacturer of hardware for locking systems. Quarter turns, rod controls, locking systems, hinges, gasketing, handles, aluminum windows, stainless steel hardware, toggle latches, air conditioning applications, electronic locking systems, keys, cover stays, lids, panel mounting devices, compression latches, reel hinges, torques, drawing pockets and retractable handles are available. Specializing in industrial and sheet metal enclosures. Industries servied include data centers, railway, marine, transportation and medical device equipment.