Shandong Xingying International Trading Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of plastic netting and solutions across multiple industries and detailed applications.

Plastic Mesh For Barrier Fencing - Orange Safety Net (HDPE)

Plastic mesh barrier is a kind of barrier fencing made of high-density polyethylene mesh for trees and plants. We offer a range of extruded plastic mesh barriers providing protection against rabbits and foraging animals. Available in a range of different mesh sizes and weights.

Plastic mesh barrier with uniform mesh holes.

Plastic mesh barrier is light in weight and flexibility.

  • Plastic netting barrier offers tough property yet lightweight, it is rot proof & lasting for long life.
  • It is economical, high UV rating, giving several years protection while using of it requires only two support stakes to secure.

Common Mesh Size: 90mm × 40mm, 65 × 35mm
Weight/m2: 100gsm -150gms.
Roll Size: 1m × 50m, 1m × 30m, 1.2m × 50m.
Colour: Green, orange, blue, yellow, etc.
Packaging: 1 roll per polybag

We supply plastic netting in full ranges of sizes and applications, mainly used in construction sites, railway, sporting. gardens, agriculture, engineering and other events.

PMBF-1: HDPE orange plastic safety netting

PMBF-2: HDPE orange plastic snow barrier fencing

PMBF-3: Linear plastic safety netting for snow fencing

PMBF4: Diamond plastic safety netting for snow fencing

PMBF-5: Plastic snow barrier fencing

PMBF-6: HDPE orange safety barrier netting roll

PMBF-7: Plastic safety barrier in garden

PMBF-8: Plastic safety barrier in public park

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