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How to Choose the Woven Wire Cloth


Selecting the right material

Stainless steel woven wire cloth has outstanding resistance to the acid and alkali.

Today's industry demands the high quality of wire cloth. There is no material is absolutely same and no single material has all of the characteristics. You need to know the accurate features of each material, so that you can find the best selection.

  • Stainless steel
    Stainless steel woven wire cloth is the most widely used in the production. It has so many outstanding characters, such as the resistance to the acid, alkali, heat, corrosion and rust. It is ideal for the harsh environments. Stainless steel woven wire cloth also has outstanding chemical resistance, so it is widely used in the chemical and pharmacy industries for filtering screen.
  • Aluminum alloy
    Aluminum alloy is commonly named as the alloy of aluminum and magnesium. It offers good corrosion resistance as well as electrical and thermal conductivity. The aluminum alloy is light weight and has high strength-to-weight, so it is easy to fabricate. The aluminum alloy material is widely used in the window screen and decorative woven wire mesh.
  • Red copper, phosphor copper, brass, stainless steel and aluminum can all be our wire mesh material.

  • Copper
    Copper woven wire cloth is also the widely used type. It can be divided into red copper, phosphor bronze and brass.
    • The red copper contains the 99.8% copper, which has excellent insulation of the sound, it is widely used in the wall construction to insulation the sound. It is also used as the shielding screen in the laboratory, military, industries and other places to shield the RFI and EMI.
    • Phosphor bronze has 85% - 90% copper and 10% - 15% tin. The phosphor bronze woven wire cloth has outstanding ductility. It is widely used in the window screen and printing screen.
    • Brass is the most commonly used of the three. Brass has the character of tension stress, extensibility. It is widely used in the printing screen and window screen. The brass woven wire cloth also has the resistance to the acid and alkali, it is widely used as the woven wire filter cloth for filtering the liquid, gas and solid.
  • Galvanized wire
    Galvanized is a type of surface treatment. The material is commonly carbon steel wire. It can be galvanized before weaving and galvanized after weaving. According to the zinc weight, it also can be divided into electric galvanized and hot dipped galvanized. Galvanized woven wire cloth has outstanding resistance to the corrosion and rust. It can form a solid surface for the woven wire cloth. The galvanized wire is the material of the square opening woven wire cloth and crimped woven wire cloth. The most commonly used materials for woven wire cloth are described here. If you don't see what you need, just contact us via the woven@wovenwirecloth.org and we will supply them as your requirements.

Comprehending the weaving types

Crimped weaving method.

There are so many weaving types in woven wire cloth, each one has their own characters, you can refer to it and know more about the weaving method.

  • Crimped.
    • The crimped refers to the wires are pre-crimped before weaving. It is also called intermediate crimped. This structure can ensure the accurate of the opening, and it can keep the wires in their positions.
    • There are another two types of weaving method, which are used in the crimped woven wire mesh. That is the flat top and lock crimped. The flat top is also called pressed weaving method. The wires are pressed and form a smooth surface. This type can be used in the vibrating screen to improve the working efficiency and reduce the blocking. The lock crimped weaving method can also lock the wires in their position, but the wires are not pre-crimped before weaving, they are crimped directly.
  • Plain weave.
    Plain weave woven wire cloth is widely used in the vibrating screen, window screen, and other applications. Plain weave means each of the weft wire crosses over and under one line warp wire and each weft wire crosses over and under successive rows of warp wire.
  • Twill weave.

    Plain weave, twill weave and dutch weave

    Different from the plain weave, the twill weave woven wire cloth has more solid structure than the plain weave. Each weft wire passes over and under successively two rows of warp wire and vice versa. Both the plain weave and twill weave has the same wire diameter in the weft wire and warp wire.
  • Dutch weave.
    Dutch weave can be divided into the plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave and reverse dutch weave. The dutch weave woven wire cloth is widely used in the filtering industries.
    The plain dutch weave and twill means the wire diameter of the weft wire and warp wire is different.
    Commonly the warp wire is coarser than the weft wire. And the opening of the weft wire direction is more than the warp wire direction. The twill dutch weave has smaller opening than the plain dutch, so it is ideal for filtering the smaller and thinner materials. The reverse dutch weave is opposite from the plain dutch weave and twill dutch weave. The wire diameter of the weft wire is coarser than the warp wire. Dutch weave woven wire cloth is commonly used as the woven wire filter cloth for the solid, liquid and gas in the chemical, metallurgy, spaceflight and other industries.
    If you want to know more about the weaving method, you can contact us via woven@wovenwirecloth.org, we are willing to tell you more about it.

Clearing your purpose

The common types of woven wire cloth for filtering are the woven wire filter cloth and vibrating screen mesh.

The woven wire cloth has various applications, you can refer to the below article and know where you want to use.

  • For filtering
    • Our woven wire filter cloth specializes in the filtering. They can be used in the industries, such as the metallurgy, chemical, pharmacy, oil, gas and other industries for filtering the gas, liquid and solid. It is also can be used in the food industries for filtering the powders, rice and other grains. The woven wire filter cloth has various types, such as the filter discs, filter cartridge, filter tube, filter basket and other types.
    • There is another filter product, that is test sieve. The woven mesh test sieve is commonly used in the laboratory for filtering and sizing the grains, soil and other need materials.
    • Both the woven wire filter cloth and test sieve uses the thinner wire materials, but in the metallurgy, mineral, coal and other heavy industries, it cannot be used. The woven wire vibrating screen uses the coarse wire to fit the requirements. Woven wire vibrating screen is made of coarse wire diameter of the spring steel and manganese steel. Sometimes, the stainless steel wire is available. The spring steel and manganese has extremely higher tensile strength and wear life than other materials, it can bear the stones, mines and other hard materials. It can extend the service life and improve the working efficiency.
  • For BBQ

    Barbecue grill mesh is widely used in the restaurants, camping and travel.

    When you are planning a travel or camping, when you want to hold a barbecue party, or when you want to open a barbecue restaurant, you may need the barbecue grill mesh. We can supply various types of barbecue grill mesh. The main type is one-off barbecue grill mesh and recycle grill mesh. The one-off grill mesh is economical than the recycle grill mesh and the recycle grill mesh can be used many times, it is ideal for the restaurants. The typical styles of BBQ grill mesh are Korea types and Occident types. The barbecue grill mesh can be added the handle and support to the grill mesh panels.
  • For shielding
    If you are troubling the Wi-Fi radiation, which disturb your sweet dream, if you are in the wall construction, which need something to insulate the sound, or if you are in the laboratory or other places where need the shield the RFI, EMI and other radiations, the shielding screen can solve these troubles. She shielding screen is mainly made of the stainless steel wire and copper wire. The earliest usage of the shielding screen is Faraday cage. Now, the shielding screen has wider range of applications.
  • For decoration
    We can supply all kinds of decorative woven wire mesh, which can be used in the residences, hotels, museums, concert halls and other high class places. The main materials of the decorative woven wire mesh are aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The main types are coil draper and cable mesh. You can choose which one is perfect for you.
  • Decorative woven wire mesh is commonly aluminum wire and stainless steel wire.

  • For protection
    • Window screen
      If you want to prevent the insects and thieves from entering your house, you may need the window screen. Window screen is not only for the window, it is also ideal for the doors, porches and balconies. The window screen has various materials, such as the galvanized window screen, aluminum window screen, stainless steel window screen and copper window screen. The galvanized window screen with the character of corrosion and rust resistance and the aluminum window screen with the lightweight and economical are widely used in the daily life. The copper window screen can supply both the prevention to the insects and aesthetic sense to the building. It is worth mentioning that the stainless steel window screens. It has two types: the standard window screen for prevention to the insects and the stainless steel security screen, which prevent the insects and thieves.
    • Railings.
      The woven wire cloth can be used in the railings to protect the people from falling down. It is widely used in the schools, residences and other places. The woven wire cloth railings can supply not only the protection but also the decoration. You can find the related products in the decorative woven wire mesh.
      If you have something not clear, you can contact us via woven@wovenwirecloth.org, we will give you a further interpretation of the applications.

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