High Carbon Steel Alloys
High tensile crimping quality spring steel wire.

The Tufflex™ Difference
The Strong and Durable Alternative Wire... Tufflex wire is an alternative to high carbon and oil tempered wire. Finer grain structure and higher tensile strength offer greater consistency and flexibility throughout the screen, offering both impact and abrasive resistance.

High Carbon
Abrasion-resistant, hard drawn, high carbon wire that can withstand repeated impact from heavy objects. Recommened for use when material to be screened is heavy and bulky, but moderately abrasive. High carbon wire has the least expensive initial cost.

Stainless Steel
Abrasion and corrosion-resistant, high tensile, hard drawn wire.

S304 Stainless
Standard alloy = 18% chrome / 8% nickel for excellent corrosion resistance.

S316 Stainless
Molybdenum is added to the basic 18% / 8% alloy for increased resistance to chemical corrosion.

S430 Stainless
Chromium alloy with no nickel for higher resistance to chemicals, atmospheric corrosion and oxidation. Handles temperatures up to 1,600 F.