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MGS - Modular Block Faced Systems


We've combined our exclusive companion product, Ragazzo Blocks, with standard Modular Gabion Systems baskets and mattresses to create a block wall appearance with the structural benefits of gabions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Block-wall Appearance Plus Structural Benefits Of Gabions
  • Variety of Standard and Custom Colors and Configurations
  • Well Suited To Architecturally Specific Applications
  • Eliminates the Hand Placed Face Rock
  • Alternate Ballast including Crushed Concrete or Indigenous Rock
  • Particuarly Well Suited For MSE Walls
  • Superior Drainage

Ragazzo Blocks are pre-cast 12' x 6' x 3' masonry units which fit behind the standard Modular Gabion Systems welded wire mesh panel. The block face is designed to fit into and through the 3' x 3' opening thus recessing the gabion's welded wire panel into the block's face protecting it from impact damage and abrasion while all but concealing it from view. Ragazzo Blocks are manufactured with 6000 psi concrete using a sophisticated production process and advanced material technology to insure consistently high quality and appearance. They are available in a variety of standard colors but can be supplied in custom colors and combinations for a uniquely distinctive appearance.

The Modular Block Face Systems allows engineers to take advantage of the superior flexibility and self-draining properties in more architecturally specific applications. The Modular Block Face System is particularly well suited for mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls and can accommodate increased soil instability and hydrostatic loads that can develop behind concrete walls causing failure. Modular Block Face Systems can be used in conjunction with our Anchor Mesh System to construct gabion faced, MSE retaining wall with a block wall appearance to heights exceeding 48 feet.

Ragazzo Blocks can be quickly inserted and stacked behind the face of the Modular Gabion Systems panels eliminating the most skilled and labor intensive aspect of the gabion construction process - no longer do skilled workers need to spend hours painstakingly hand placing face rock to achieve a finished, high quality appearance. Modular Block Face System presents a clean uniform appearance similar to that of a well constructed block wall or panel wall structure while making possible the use of a variety of alternate ballast material including crushed concrete or indigenous rock.

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