Kryptonar™ PVDF Powder Coatings

Kryptonar™ PVDF Powder Coatings

Poly (vinylidene fluoride)

The powder guns are purchased, and the oven is installed. You’ve powder coated epoxies, polyesters, and nylons for years.  Isn’t time to try something new? Increase your product offerings and expand your customer base with Kryptonar™ PVDF powder coatings. Designed for solving corrosion problems in semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical process, mining and nuclear industries. Kryptonar™ PVDF provides high-purity performance and corrosion resistant coatings with no additional equipment or specialized training.

Kryptonar™ PVDF powder coatings are easy to apply and rely on a two-step application process: primer and topcoat. The primer locks onto the metal surface. Additional topcoats are applied to isolate the metal and primer from the effects of corrosion and build a thick and continuous coating.

Interested in expanding your business with Kryptonar™ PVDF powder coatings? Fill out our form, and we will send you a discounted sample kit which includes 1 lb. of PVDF topcoat and 0.75 lb. of PVDF primer. Coat some samples with Kryptonar™ and let us know how it works for you.


Kryptonar™ Processing Advantages

Wide temperature coating window

Variable thickness dependent on end use requirements: 10 – 100 mils

Easy to apply and achieve excellent results

 Material Strengths

 Superior chemical resistance


 Inert to high-energy, chemical or autoclave sterilization

 Excellent release properties

 Meets USP Class VI and ISO 10993 requirements

Industrial Applications



 Pump housings

 Chemical process and containment vessels

 Nuclear and biological isolation enclosures


 Fume hoods


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