The Wire is a must-see, award-winning television drama that centers on the city of Baltimore, Maryland, its law enforcement, and an inner-city drug trafficking ring, that ran for five seasons on HBO. The acclaimed series slowly develops a long, well thought-out story arc and allows viewers to get to know the characters as you see them grow throughout the story.

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The series was also important in its casting as it put many black actors on the map and created a platform for them to deliver some world-class acting. Here is the cast of The Wire, ranked by net worth.


10 Deirdre Lovejoy - $700,000 Thousand

Deirdre Lovejoy is known for playing the lead Assistant State Attorney of the narcotics division, Rhonda Lovejoy. She is a diligent prosecutor and an invaluable member of the law enforcement team whose private life we also get to glimpse throughout the TV series. Dierdre Lovejoy is originally from Abilene, Texas and studied theater at the University of Evanston before she got her start acting on TV and in film. She is also known for her role in Bones, Spin City, Orange Is the New Black, Step Up, and The Blacklist.


9 Domenick Lombardozzi - $1 Million

Domenick Lombardozzi is an American actor from the Bronx who is known for playing Thomas "Herk" Hauk on The Wire. Herk is a defensive investigator who isn't afraid to cut a few corners and leans toward physical violence rather than police protocol. Lombardozzi, however, has been acting for a long time, his first role being in the less well known, but loved by many, A Bronx Tale with Robert Deniro. Lombardozzi has also been in Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, NYPD Blue, For Love of The Game, The Family, and Breakout Kings.


8 Sonja Sohn, $1.5 Million

Sonja Sohn plays Detective Shakima "Kima" Gregs in The Wire, who transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division from the Eastern District Drug Enforcement Unit prior to the start of the series. Kima was a dedicated, by the book detective who sometimes struggled in her personal life with problems like infidelity, romantic relationships, and alcohol.

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The show also centered around her sexual orientation in a predominantly male workforce. Sonja Sohn is also in Shaft, Bringing Out the Dead, Perfume, Step Up 2: The Streets, The Good Wife, and Body of Proof.

7 John Doman - $2 Million

John Doman is an American actor who starred in all five seasons of The Wire as Deputy For the Commander of Operations for the Baltimore Police department, William Rawls. Over the course of the five seasons, he is primarily concerned with his career growth and is often dismissive of criticisms, differing ideas or obstacles that get in the way. Doman didn't start his acting career until he was in his late forties, but since has played in Gotham, The Boys, the Law & Order Franchise, Person of Interest, and Berlin Station.


6 Lance Reddick - $3 Million

Lance Reddick is an American actor, who is a native of Baltimore, Maryland who also played Cedric Daniels in The Wire. He is a police officer with the Baltimore Police Department who is dedicated to doing quality police work. As a result, he rises through the ranks over the five seasons of the series and eventually becomes the police commissioner, which he ultimately leaves to become a lawyer. Reddick has also acted in American Horror Story, John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2, Rick and Morty, The Guest, Fringe, and Oz.

5 Michael K. Williams - $5 Million

Michael K. Williams is an American actor from Brooklyn, New York who is known for playing Omar in The Wire. Omar was a professional "stick-up artist," who would rob many street-level drug dealers, and resell their product, all while sporting a trench coat and shotgun. Michael K Williams studied at the Black National Theatre in Harlem but worked choreographer.

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Williams has since had numerous onscreen roles, notably his portrayal of Bobby McCray in When They See Us. Williams has also been in Boardwalk Empire, and F is For Family.


4 Wendell Pierce - $7 Million

Wendell Pierce is an American actor from New Orleans, Louisiana, who is known for playing the sarcastic but dedicated, veteran Detective Bunk Moreland on The Wire. Pierce received his BFA from Julliard and has had a long career both onscreen and onstage. Pierce's film credits before The Wire include: Malcolm X, Waiting to Exhale and The Devil's Advocate. After The Wire, Wendell Pierce went on to star in Treme which is based in his hometown of New Orleans. He has also been in House of Payne, Suits and Horrible Bosses.

3 Dominic West - $12 Million

Dominic West is a British actor from Sheffield, England, who's known for his role as James McNulty on The Wire. He's a detective assigned to the homicide unit and partnered with Detective Moreland. His relationship problems and his infidelity and drinking habits get in the way of his work life. West graduated from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and has had a long career on stage and onscreen. His roles include Fred Casely in Chicago, Richard Croft in Tomb Raider and Jean Valjean in the TV series Les Miserables.


2 Michael B. Jordan - $18 Million

Michael B. Jordan is an American actor who appeared in the first season of The Wire as Wallace, a teenage drug dealer. Although Jordan only appears in the first season, his character had a large part to play in the series' emotional tide.

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Michael B. Jordan went on to have a high profile career in films and TV series such as Friday Night Lights, Fruitvale Station, Creed, and Black Panther. Jordan has also lent his voice to animated characters in The Boondocks, Wilson's Heart and Creed: Rise to Glory.

1 Idris Elba - $25 Million

Idris Elba is a British actor, singer, rapper, and DJ who's known for his role as Russell "Stringer" Bell in The Wire. Elba played the secondary kingpin in the first season but grows in the ranks throughout the series. Elba was born in the London Borough of Hackney, United Kingdom and broke into Hollywood largely due to his role as Stringer. He went on to star as John Luther in Luther, Macavity in Cats, Charlie in Turn Up Charlie, Charles Miner in The Office, and Heimdall in the Avengers franchise.

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