Effective Security Grade Chain Link Fence

Security Grade Chain Link Fence Proves Most Effective in Deterring and Delaying Intruders

Washington, DC – February 25, 2011 – According to The Tested and Proven Performance of Security Grade Chain Link Fence Systems (2010), published by the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI), select security grades of chain link fence significantly outperformed competing fence systems in deterring and delaying intruders in high security applications.

The testing was conducted by one of the nation’s most respected independent testing organizations, the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas using ASTM approved testing procedures.

When properly specified and installed according to ASTM guidelines, test results revealed the following:

 • Security grade chain link fence can effectively provide protection from vehicular impact in high security applications. It also provides resistance to low and medium grade forced-entry threat levels.

The number of people involved in the entry attempt and the tools available to them define the level of threat. A low threat level is indicated by the use of power tools (gasoline, electric or hydraulic) and devices requiring more than one person to transport and operate. A medium threat level is indicated by the use of power tools requiring an outside power source or self-contained gasoline or battery driven tools and devices requiring more than two persons to transport and operate.

• When establishing perimeters and measuring performance in vehicular impact resistance, different fittings, fabrics and gauges of security grade chain link can be specified for different threat levels.

• Security grade small mesh chain link fence, designed to prevent toeholds and finger penetration, serves as an effective barrier to passing weapons and provides good visibility for detecting attempts at forced entry.

Even though a wide variety of high to low level protection tactics and techniques can be used to defend against forced entry, the main purpose of a perimeter security system is to detect and delay anyone attempting to aggressively penetrate a facility.

It’s important to coordinate the level of protection for a property with the time of law enforcement response.

Long® Fence Specifies Security Grade Chain Link According to ASTM Standards

Security grade chain link fence systems, when properly specified and installed can provide proven levels of resistance to various threat levels. Security grade chain link fence can provide appropriate safety barriers capable of absorbing the impact of a vehicle or forced entry attempts.

Long® Fence specifies and installs security grade chain link fenceand related perimeter security solutions according to ASTM standards. Applications that protect against maximum aggression assaults include border and homeland security projects. Long® Fence can also provide security grade chain link combined with barbed tape and razor ribbon for maximum security applications such as correctional institutions and military bases. Cable reinforced chain link fence is available for applications that require protection from low threat vehicular assaults such as federal agencies. Minimum security applications such as schools and other public accommodations also benefit from the features of security grade chain link.

Long® Fence Senior Vice President Larry Friedman notes, “Security grade chain link remains the leading, most cost effective perimeter fence system on the market today and, when properly specified and installed, can provide a higher standard of resistance to low, medium and aggressive threats.”

Long® Fence Has Provided Chain Link and Other Perimeter Security Fencing Since 1945

Long® Fence, a family owned fence contractor in operation since 1945, primarily serves the mid-Atlantic region from Pennsylvania to Georgia, however large scale government and industrial installations can be found in most of the United States. Long® Fence installs all types of fencing and related perimeter security products to federal, industrial, commercial and residential customers.

Selected installations highlighting perimeter security include Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington DC, Albion Correctional Facility in New York and Fort Knox in Kentucky.

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