Find a large selection of high-quality golf netting for your golf course, driving range, country club or even your backyard. Our golf cages come in easy-to-assemble kits from small to large sizes, so they can be set up anywhere you want to squeeze in a little extra practice. Our professional driving range netting comes in three different series and price points for your convenience. If you need a lot of net, we're able to supply you with the quantities required even for the largest driving ranges. We also sell stock size panels and cut-to-order netting based on your specific needs. From your house to out on the links, our golf nets can handle the task with the durability and strength you expect.

Custom Golf Netting
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Golf Netting From a Name You Can Trust

American quality and craftsmanship are woven into every nylon fiber of our golf netting. We know they're the absolute best golf net, and once you've tried them, we think you'll agree. We make nets for twenty-three of the twenty-five defense contractors in the US, and our list of clients reads like a who's who. So you can have confidence you're getting the very best golf netting for sale today.

Available in any size — and cut by the square foot — an impact/practice panel is perfect for your home, garage or backyard. And if you're looking at netting for any other sport, we've got those for you, too. We do custom netting all the time, and we'd be happy to make any net for any sport you play.

Cut-To Order and Stock-Panel Golf Nets

Made of DuPont Knotted Nylon with a breaking strength of up to 210lbs. of force, our cut-to-order golf nets are designed to perform every time. Available in a diamond square mesh from 3/4" to 1", this water-repellent golf impact netting will help take your game to the next level. No more hunting down balls after a few swings. Instead, get your very own golf practice nets in twine sizes from #15 to #21.

If you want one of our popularstock-size panels, you'll find a huge range of net sizes to order. All stock panels come in 3/4" mesh with a #21 twine size. They'll take 210lbs. of force and have a 3/8" nylon rope border, so they can handle just about any drive you can dish out.

Golf Netting for Driving Ranges

If you operate a driving range, you need heavy-duty golf netting on the job. And we manufacture three series, each with its price points to help you gauge the one you want. From our Economy to Pro to Premium, you'll be thrilled with whichever you choose. We can supply any size driving range with a rugged golf driving net. So big or small, we've got you covered. Here are the three series:

Economy Driving Range Golf Netting

Perfect for start-up driving ranges, the Economy Series golf netting is designed to last five to seven years and is UV inhibited. Made of polyethylene with a one-inch mesh size, this barrier screen has a breaking strength of thirty-five pounds. This cost-effective option features a finished edge without a rope border.

Pro Driving Range Golf Netting

Our second version is the Pro Series golf netting. You'll see seven to ten years of life from this polyethylene monofilament golf net. The Pro Series also features a one-inch mesh with a sixty-five-pound breaking strength and is UV inhibited. With a finished edge and available in popular sizes, this net is ready to tackle the elements.

Premium Driving Range Golf Netting

With US Netting's Premium Series golf netting lasting 10-14 years, our strongest and most durable driving range golf net features a knotted nylon design — #18 twine size — in a one-inch mesh. The Premium Series is considered by many to be the very best driving range golf nets on the market today. It comes tarred, UV and water repellent with a breaking strength of one hundred sixty-five pounds, so this bad boy sets the bar pretty high. And, speaking of high, if you need our Premium Series thirty-feet or higher, you'll see one or two rib lines for additional strength and support.

Golf Cage Netting

Whether indoor or outdoor, our golf cage netting, is still made in the USA to our exacting standards. We meticulously designed this indoor golf practice net to be used in any space and by players at any level. Buy the 1 1/2" PVC pipe at your local hardware store, purchase one of our golf net kits, and you'll have a training tool to use for years. Our kits supply all the extras like additional backstop, target and PVC corner kits.

If you purchase the Medium or Large Premium Kit, the PVC pipes are included, which is a nice bonus. Regardless, you'll get the net, hanging hook straps and hook-loop fastening straps in addition to the PVC corners, so construction is straightforward. Once up and running, you'll wonder why you ever went to the driving range before. Shave strokes off your game in your backyard with a safe, convenient golf net the whole family will love! Here are the kit sizes in this order — depth x height x width:

  • Small Golf Net Kit: 3' x 7' x 5'
  • Medium Golf Net Kit: 5' x 10' x 10'
  • Large Golf Net Kit: 10' x 10' x 10'

Golf Netting for Any Application

Whether you're running an indoor driving range with a retractable roof or wanting to practice tee shots in your backyard, golf netting by US Netting has precisely what you want. With years of experience manufacturing nets for all five branches of our military, NASA, Walmart Distribution, Boeing and so many others, you can rest assured we know how to make them. And we skimp on nothing, so your golf nets will be completed correctly and display the quality and attention to detail you deserve. Get a custom quote on the golf netting you're going to love from US Netting today!