CF Metals offers a full line of carbon steel and galvanized welded mesh products for all industries. CF Metals' carbon steel and galvanized welded wire mesh are high quality (grade A) and come in the following standard products.

Carbon Steel & Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Products

Welded Mesh From Bright Basic Steel - This mesh is used when cost is a major factor due to the low cost of the material. The main drawback for using this product is the mesh could rust when exposed to climate change or if it is used in a damp environment.

Welded mesh made from copper flashed steel - This product is used for applications when the mesh will be coated with nickel after fabrication. It is commonly used for fryer baskets for the food industry.

GAW (galvanized after welding) mesh - In this process, the mesh is hot-dipped galvanized after the wire is welded, coating all the weld intersections. GAW welded wire mesh performs well in damp environments and is used in applications such as ventilation screens, animal enclosures, and light duty industrial applications.

GBW (galvanized before welding) mesh - In this process, the wire is coated prior to welding, leaving the welds uncoated. While GBW provides some protection against damp conditions, it is more prone to rust than GAW mesh. It is primarily used for indoor applications such as security screens and guards for machinery.

CF Metals' carbon steel and galvanized welded wire mesh products are available in the following standard configurations. Custom products can be designed to meet your requirements

  • Opening size, or mesh count, ranging from 1/4” up to 2”. Typically the openings of welded mesh are measured from center to center of the wire.
  • Wire diameters ranging from .025” to .12” in standard configurations. Larger diameter wires are available for custom applications. Wire diameters are measured prior to welding.
  • Roll sizes up to 72” wide and custom panel sizes are available. We can manufacture rolls and flat panels in custom sizes to meet your production requirements. Generally, welded mesh is made in rolls when wire diameters are smaller than .080” and in flat panels when wire sizes are over .080”.

Our unique manufacturing process enables us to provide welded mesh that is flat without curl.

Carbon Steel & Galvanized Welded Mesh Services

We offer finishing and conversion services including:

  • Coil slitting
  • Flush cut edges
  • Random cut edges
  • Annealing
  • Precision shearing
  • Straightening and flattening

Full inspection services are available.

We offer a wide variety of mesh spacing's, widths, and gauges. Ideal for industrial, commercial and residential applications and a variety of outdoor projects.

Specifications (Welded Wire Mesh) Customer Input
ASTM Spec A 82
Alloy (Carbon or SS) Carbon
Coating Galvanize after welding
What type of Galvanizing? Electro
Zinc Content for coating (gm/m2 or Ozft2) 15 gm/m2
Coating Finish Matte
Opening Size (CTC distance or Mesh Count) N/A
Finished Wire Diameter with tolerance 3.71mm +/- 0.050 mm
If rolls then what size (length by width)? N/A
If panels we need a dimensional drawing? Per Drawing provided
Tensile Strength (ksi or MPA) Min & Max 104.8ksi/108.9ksi
Yield Strength (ksi or MPA) Min & Max 77.3ksi/83.8ksi
ROA% (Reduction of Area %) 57%
Wire Surface No contamination and 100% zinc coated (No voids)
Packaging Requirements Blister film packed, Plastic strapping in wooden boxes with 1000 pcs per box


  • Material: #9 GA (0.145” dia.) per ASTM A-82
  • (GAW) Galvanize After Welding (15 gm/m2)
  • Electro Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh



Architectural Welded Mesh Applications

Ideal applications for architectural wire mesh include:

  • Security Screens
  • Shade screens
  • Ceiling applications
  • Partitions
  • Fill panels
  • Elevator compartments and hoistways
  • Exterior facades
  • Protective grilles, screens and barriers
  • Protective enclosures
  • Store fronts
  • Trellises


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