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Flex-i-Link Woven Metal Tennis Net

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Flex-i-Link Metal Tennis Net- Weatherproof, Anti-Vandal, Easy Setup with Existing Posts - For Schools, Park Districts, and More. 11 Gauge Woven 1 1/2" Mesh Aluminum-Coated Steel Net, 41.5 ft. Long:


Our Flex-i-Link metal tennis nets are made from woven 11 gauge 1 1/2" mesh aluminum-coated steel, and measure 41.5 ft. long. They are long lasting, maintenance free, theft and tamper proof, low cost tennis net. Weather and wear resistant materials for extended life under adverse conditions. Installs easily on to existing net posts. Offers the same true ball deflection as cord nets. Heavy-duty 22 oz. per yd. vinyl-shielded nylon cover complete with center tie-down. Secured by brass plated grommets with matching aluminum fasteners, this cover is highly resistant to puncture, abrasion, rot, mildew and ultra violet ray. Replacement covers are available separately, no need to replace the entire net if all you need is the net cover. Each net includes a special attendant key and all necessary accessories for installation to new posts or existing posts. Instructions for net and post installation included. 


Our metal tennis nets are built to last and easily installed to existing posts, or to FLEX-i-LINK posts and last many years longer than a traditional cord net. The nets resist weather and wear, flexes but retains its smoothness and are vandal-proof, tamper proof and virtually maintenance-free. Aluminum coating should last 10 times longer than conventional hot-dipped galvanized coating. Smooth aluminum coating has no sharp burrs and will not crack or peel as galvanized will.


11 gauge woven 1 1/2" mesh aluminum-coated steel net, 41'6" long, .35 oz. per sq. ft. Aluminum coating per A.S.T.M specification A-491. Tensile strength 80,000 P.S.I. 

Nets are for standard courts only, with post spacing 42'-0" between posts. Nets can be easily adjusted to fit smaller post spacings.  Larger post spacings up to 44'-0" can be specially fabricated @ $25.00 ea. (Contact us).