Fences – As advancements in technology continue, construction products become stronger, better, and lighter. Fencing in particular is making great strides in design improvements. A perfect example of a great new product is the attractive, strong, and flexible wire mesh fence from Webnet.

Webnet is an exciting wire mesh product that is excellent for perimeter fencing and for providing protective netting along staircases. Wire mesh fences are both attractive and strong in design. Specifically, the Jakob® INOX LINE Webnet is constructed of stainless steel and offers strong support for fencing in a property or for guidance on stairwells.

How is Webnet designed?

Webnet is wire mesh netting that is made of strands of stainless steel. These wire ropes are positioned in parallel pairs that are curved by connecting stainless steel sleeves. The layout is accordion style which offers spring force as it is spread apart. This type of material never weakens and is undisturbed by harsh weather or extreme temperatures. There are many uses for this amazing material; it can be used in a residential or commercial capacity.

Residential Uses

This incredible netting is flexible and can be used indoors or out as floor to ceiling wall safety between floors within a staircase. Webnet can also be used as an outdoor perimeter fence that includes a door, or built in gate that allows access to the property. Other uses might include animal cages, or partition fencing on a property that separates areas such as a swimming pool or garden.

Commercial Uses

Webnet is perfect for businesses or for sports fencing at ballparks. Businesses might use the mesh wire fencing to surround a parking lot or indoors to section off a warehouse. At a ballpark, the Webnet mesh design has flexibility that is more conducive to catching speeding softballs than typical cyclone fencing that has little give. 

Webnet is perfect for large capacity structures such as parking garages because the wire mesh covers structural openings to the outside and prevents entrance by birds or potential vandals. As the advantages become more evident and the popularity of Webnet gains momentum, more prominent establishments will become buyers.

Webnet is becoming a popular choice for fencing because of its aesthetics and strength. The wire mesh has openings that do not distort the view while preventing entrance into a particular area. Webnet is an attractive yet powerful barricade and is sure to be recognized as the first choice of fencing in the coming years.

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