Welded Wire Zoo Mesh Has Wear-Resistant and Good Ventilation Function

Welded wire zoo mesh is used in zoo to protect safety of animals and people. And it is used to prevent animals from escaping. Welded wire mesh has high strength, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, ventilation, light transmission function. So welded wire mesh can be used as security fence of lion, tiger, giraffe, raccoon, peacock, deer, goat, parrot and bird aviary.

ZM-1: Welded wire lion fence.

ZM-2: Welded wire tiger fence.

ZM-3: Welded wire giraffe fence.

ZM-4: Welded wire raccoon cage.

ZM-5: Welded wire peacock fence.

ZM-6: Welded wire deer fence.

ZM-7: Welded wire goat fence.

ZM-8: Welded wire parrot aviary.

ZM-9: Welded wire bird aviary.

ZM-10: Welded wire bird aviary and plant support.

ZM-11: Welded wire koala fence.

ZM-12: Welded wire monkey cage.

Applications of welded wire fence:

  • Security fence of lion and tiger.
  • Security fence of giraffe.
  • Cage of raccoon.
  • Security fence of peacock and deer.
  • Security fence of goat.
  • Bird aviary.


  • Welded point firm and smooth.
  • Zoo mesh is used to protect safety of animals and people.
  • To prevent animal stool corrosion, wear-resistant.
  • High strength, Ventilation, light transmission.
  • Easy to install and maintain.

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