Welded Wire

An Affordable Option for a Variety of Applications

When it comes to choosing a fence for your property, selecting the right one for your needs can be a daunting task. There are so many options available that it may seem difficult to choose the proper style. Perhaps you want to protect your beloved pet. Maybe you’ve invested sweat and tears in the perfect vegetable garden. Or, a flock of chickens may be a second source of income for your family. Whatever your need, your priority is likely safety or security. With so many choices, understanding the benefits of welded wire may help you make your decision much easier. It’s referred to by several names like utility fence, general-purpose fencing, welded wire, or mesh. The bottom line is that this fence style provides a solution for many applications around your home or property. Welded Wire fence is actually made by spot-welding the intersections of the horizontal and vertical wires. The mesh pattern creates a spacing that is typically between 1/2″ and 4″ apart. The construction creates a rigid enclosure for a firm barrier. Because the welds prevent movement, this fence style is best used on level ground or short runs. It’s an affordable solution suitable for animal cages and dog runs. It will keep unwanted animals out of gardens and flowerbeds. And galvanized to resist weathering, it holds up to wear and tear.

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Selecting Welded Wire

Before you select your fence material, determine the area and purpose for your enclosure. What is your primary goal? Keeping a dog safe inside a perimeter will require a taller fence than preventing rabbits from grazing in your garden. Poultry will require a smaller spacing than a deer deterrent. Consider the wire gauge you’ll need for the fence to function as you intend. And, be sure that the wire is galvanized. A zinc coating will extend the life of your fence. Not all material is the same, so rely on the solid reputation of a manufacturer you can trust. The quality of the steel and the manufacturing process can assure a longer-lasting investment. Welded wire is a versatile, low-cost alternative to chain link fencing. And, unlike chain link, welded wire maintains the integrity of the structure if a few wires are broken, where chain link will unravel when wires are cut. Red Brand’s roll lengths vary from 50′ to 100′ and are available in a wide variety of spacing, gauge and height to satisfy any requirement.

Weld Strength

Your fence will only be as sturdy and reliable as the welds that hold the wires together. Be sure you purchase a quality product that will stand the test of time.

Cost of Welded Wire

The rolls of fence will only be about
30% of the overall cost of your new
fence installation. Be sure to budget
for other materials like posts, bracing, fasteners and labor.

Quality Galvanization

The proper zinc coating on your
new welded wire fence will ensure its durability. A fence galvanized to ASTM standards will withstand weather
elements and wear & tear.

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Welded Wire


As the name implies, Welded Wire is
built with sturdy steel wire, secured at
its joints with solid welds. This process
creates a more reliable fence than chain link, which can unravel when one of the wires
in the mesh is cut.


Utility fence is a versatile fabric that is
used for many purposes. One of the
reasons it's so popular is because there are many spacing options for specific needs.
Our mesh is available in several sizes from
½" x 1" up to 2" x 4".


Several wire gauges are available from
Red Brand, from light duty 17 gauge to sturdy
12-½ gauge. Quality steel ensures consistent performance in all types of weather. Galvanized for extended life, the coating helps protect the wire from rust and corrosion.

Safety, Security & Durability

Our Welded Wire fence protects pets, gardens, poultry and more for peace of mind. For the best performance, be sure to select the proper spacing and wire gauge. Preferred over chain link, welded mesh won't unravel if the wires
are compromised.


Use Red Brand Welded Wire as a barrier for pets, gardens, poultry, or rabbits. With firm welds at every cross-section, it's designed to be rigid and inflexible. Therefore, our mesh is best installed on even group or in short runs.


Utility fence is an all-purpose fence style. Its low cost, ease of installation and relative low maintenance characteristics make it a good choice for several applications around your property. High quality steel and zinc coating make for a long-lasting investment.

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Red Brand offers a premier assortment of top-quality fencing products. Our Welded Wire is designed to provide unique solutions covering a range of lawn and garden applications. Whether the goal is to keep animals away from newly planted gardens, protect your pets from predators or attractively fence off an area of your yard, Red Brand Welded Wire offers the answer to all your lawn and garden fencing needs. Talk to your Red Brand dealer for even more potential uses, and let them help you select the ideal fence for your application. You can also find a variety of options at our online store.

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What Customers are Saying

Donald C.

This is extremely well made, USA manufactured wire. I have used the Chinese wire and there is no comparison. The Chinese wire is cheaply galvanized, and after a few years it starts to rust. I have used Red Brand off and on for years and have never had it fail. From now on I will buy nothing but Red Brand. Just better all around!

Kathryn P.

I bought 6 rolls of 2x2 welded wire to use as mesh for my straw bale house. Every single roll was perfect, with every weld tight.

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