Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Welded Wire Mesh Panel

As the name suggests, Welded wire mesh panel is a mesh made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire that has been straightened and cut and then welded by electric welding equipment. Welded wire mesh panel is widely used because of its simple structure, fast production, beautiful and practical, and easy to transport. 


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Welded wire mesh panel is mainly used in construction projects. It has strong corrosion resistance, uniform mesh and strong overall performance. The Welded wire mesh panel is easy to construct and guarantees quality. 


The brick wall for construction is also a kind of Welded wire mesh panel, which has the characteristics of convenient construction and quickness, and is mainly used in the construction of new countryside. To enhance the wall's tensile strength and prevent earthquake use.


Our welded wire mesh panels are galvanized to give them a protective coating, shielding them from corrosion and rust. These panels can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

1.Security cages

2.Dog fencing

3.Animal enclosures


5.Bird cages

6.Pet hutches

7.Cat fences

8.Pond covers or protection

9.Garden fencing

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