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ECO-MESH® modular façade and trellis system facilitates and encourages plant growth with an unforgettable look. Wall-mounted or free-standing Wire Mesh panel grids form a “green façade” that can transform spaces while enhancing the environment. The careful construction of each McNICHOLS ECO-MESH® panel is done with superior quality in mind. Its heavy wire diameter weave is further stabilized by intermittent bridge wires and a thick metal frame. Stock panels of ECO-MESH® are made of Galvannealed Steel with a Powder Coated Textured Black finish. Please select this link to discover more about McNICHOLS ECO-MESH®.


Wire Mesh has the strength to perform in industrial settings, the aesthetics to enhance architectural designs, and the versatility to fulfill a variety of functions. Routinely incorporated in signs, railing infills, cabinet inserts, plant screens and in other applications, this dynamic product family suits nearly any design. Its lightweight properties make it easy to cut-to-size and handle during installation. Our Wire Mesh products are available in multiple material types, including Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel and more! McNICHOLS carries an extensive selection of mesh and opening sizes, wire diameters and patterns. We also carry VINYLMESH—a Galvanized Steel mesh that is PVC Coated for weather and corrosion resistance. If you are looking for a three-dimensional plant screen trellis option, look no further than ECO-MESH®!


The information provided below is your guide for choosing the right McNICHOLS® Wire Mesh product for your project. Ordering information for McNICHOLS ECO-MESH® is available by selecting the following link: Specifying & Ordering ECO-MESH®



Product applications/uses include screens, partitions, facades on parking garages and buildings, cabinet inserts, enclosures and more. We invite you to browse Wire Mesh applications in our Product and Application Gallery.


Mesh Type

Choose from a wide variety of Square, Rectangular, ECO-MESH® and Designer Mesh types.


Construction Type

Select either a Woven or Welded construction type for your design.


Primary Material / Product Finish

Select the primary material type including Aluminum, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Copper, Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel, taking into consideration climate or environmental realities. Inventory is typically “mill finish” unless otherwise specified. Some items in inventory have a vinyl coating or can be powder coated. We provide more information on Primary Material Types and Product Finishes in the links provided in the Overview section on the Wire Mesh Resources landing page.


Weave / Trim Type

Choose either woven construction and type of weave (e.g. plain, lockcrimp, intercrimp), welded construction either trimmed or untrimmed or a Designer Mesh series name and number (e.g. TECHNA™ 3155).


Opening Size

Select the opening size of the Wire Mesh item. Opening size is the clear space between wires and is measured from the inside of one wire to the inside of an adjacent wire. For rectangular opening items, a width and length opening measurement is required.


Mesh Size

In addition to selecting an opening size, many Wire Mesh items also have a mesh size which is determined by measuring the number of openings per lineal inch from the center of one wire to the center of an adjacent wire.


Wire Diameter / Wire Gauge

Choose the Wire Mesh diameter thickness (in inches) or wire gauge. We provide more information on wire diameter and wire gauge equivalents in the link provided in the Charts section on the Wire Mesh resources landing page.


Percent Open Area

Identify the percentage of open area desired in the sheet or coil.


Product Size, Form & Quantity

Number of coils and/or sheets including cut-to-size pieces and stub preferences.


Special Requirements

Specify any requirements such as fabrication, edge treatments, finishing, non-standard tolerances, etc. If your project calls for Infill Panels, an Infill Panel Worksheet is available in the Overview section on the Wire Mesh Resources landing page.



Determine if Wire Mesh Accessories such as Angle, Flat Bar or U-Edging framing solutions are required for your application.


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