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Diamond Mesh

Typically, diamond mesh is custom manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers’ request. Diamond mesh is manufactured on specially designed diamond mesh looms that weave mesh in a diamond orientation, as opposed to the standard square orientation. In addition to producing this unique diamond orientation, these special looms allow for weaving extremely wide widths. Diamond mesh is commonly used in infill panels, as wall partitions and window guards.

Keep in mind that in diamond mesh only, mesh is defined as the clear space between two parallel wires, measured along the line of an intersecting wire when mesh is in a square orientation. Additionally, when diamond mesh is woven, it is almost exclusively woven with an intercrimp weave style.

Aside from the more common industrial uses for diamond mesh, it is often used in unique decorative applications, including stainless steel for car grills and copper alloys for cabinetry.

The items offered below represent many of the more popularly requested specifications. Generally, these items are only available through custom manufacturing, so in order to furnish a quote for an item, it is critical for customers to let us know how much material they need. Should you not see your exact specification, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Choose your Material

T-304 Stainless Steel

Corrosion resistant and cost effective, T-304 stainless steel is commonly used to weave custom woven diamond mesh.

T-316 Stainless Steel

Offering a higher level or corrosion resistance, T-316 stainless steel diamond mesh is commonly used in marine or salt-water applications.

Plain Steel

Cost effective and extremely popular in a wide array of security applications, plain steel diamond mesh is custom manufactured.


Generally provided as a galvanized before woven diamond mesh, galvanized is used in a wide array of applications.


Due to the fact that it is lightweight and relatively malleable, aluminum diamond mesh is often used in applications where strength is not a primary function.

Copper / Brass / Bronze

Copper alloys, including copper, brass and bronze are commonly used to weave custom woven diamond mesh.

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