Wall Insulation Mesh

Wall insulation mesh is often used fiberglass mesh as wall insulation materials. It is used for exterior insulation finishing systems and waterproof roofing.


Rib Lath

Rib lath, expanded rib lath is made of stainless steel, galvanized steel material. It is used to provide high degree key for mechanical bonding with plaster.


Angle Bead

Angle bead types: expanded metal angle bead and perforated metal angle bead. Angle bead is used to install and permit plumb straight outside corners.


Construction Mesh Is Used in Bridges, Coal Mine and Building Construction.

Glory supply construction meshes in various types and specifications. Our products include reinforcing welded wall mesh, floor heating mesh, guarding mesh. The mesh has various forms, such as expanded metal, perforated metal, welded wire mesh, rib lath and angle bead. These mesh are made out of fiberglass mesh, stainless steel and galvanized steel material.

Construction mesh is widely used in overhead guard for coal mine, construction of tunnels, bridges, roadbed net ribs, construction site and other fields. Apart from the above, here are expanded metal construction mesh widely used as screening, coverings for filters, radios and record players and decorations. Ordinary mesh panels are used in the construction industry, such as, the shule plate net and partition mesh. In addition, construction mesh is an ideal material for high-rise construction.

Our construction meshes have good carrying capacity, with convenient structure, light weight and good integrity. Some special mesh also has flat surface, precise opening, good ventilation and safety performance.

Our factory also provide related technology support. Here mainly show new products, or products new specifications and some info about aspects of technique. If you learn more about the products and more info, please mail us directly info@plastermesh.com.

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