Concrete Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh / Trench mesh / steel concrete mesh

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Product Description:

 Reinforcing wire mesh is a welded wire fabric, prefabricated steel reinforcement material.  

 The fabric is used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements.


 Wire diameter: 3mm to 12mm

 Line wire spacing: min100 mm. larger line wire spacing in steps of 50 mm

 Cross wire spacing: min 25mm. above programmable in increments of 0.1 mm

 Wire mesh length: 500- 12000 mm

 Wire mesh width: 500- 3300 mm

 It's made of  Deformed Steel Bars or Steel Rod.

Specification of Reinforcing Mesh



Ref No. Std Unit Longitudinal
Wires mm
Cross Wires mm Pitch of wire Mass Kg Mass Kg/m2
Q131 Sheet 5 5 150 @ 150 22.476 2.091
Q188 Sheet 6 6 150 @ 150 32.401 3.014
Q221 Sheet 6.5/5.0 6.5 150 @ 150 33.707 3.136
Q295 Sheet 7.5/5.5 7.5 150 @ 150 44.245 4.116
Q378 Sheet 8.5/6 8.5 150 @ 150 66.659 5.157


AS/NZS 4671:2001 Australia/New Zealand Standard (SIZE:6000X2400mm)

Ref No. Std Unit Longitudinal
Wires mm
Edge Wires mm Cross Wires mm Mass Kg
SL81 (F81) Sheet 7.6 @ 100 7.60 @ 100 7.60 @ 100 105
SL102 (F102) Sheet 9.5 @ 200 6.75 @ 100 9.50 @ 200 80
SL92 (F92) Sheet 8.6 @ 200 6 @ 100 8.60 @ 200 66
SL82 (F82) Sheet 7.6 @ 200 5.37 @ 100 7.60 @ 200 52
SL72 (F72) Sheet 6.75 @ 200 4.77 @ 100 6.75 @ 200 41
SL62 (F62) Sheet 6 @ 200 4.77 @ 100 6 @ 200 33
SL52 (F52) Sheet 4.77 @ 200 4.77 @ 100 4.77 @ 200 21



Ref No. Std Unit Longitudinal
Wires mm
Cross Wires mm Pitch of wire No. of sheet per ton Mass Kg/m2
A393 Sheet 10 10 200 @ 200 15 6.16
A252 Sheet 8 8 200 @ 200 22 3.95
A193 Sheet 7 7 200 @ 200 29 3.02
A142 Sheet 6 6 200 @ 200 40 2.22
A98 Sheet 5 5 200 @ 200 57 1.54



   1. surface beds (concrete floor slabs on fill) and concrete roads

   2. suspended floor slabs, concrete walls, culverts / drains and composite brick / concrete retaining walls

Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details: 1. Around with Angle steel welded into a bundle 
2. Use steel bar tied into a bundle 
3. 50-100pcs into a bundle
Delivery Detail: 7-15days after received the deposit.

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Q:Wall horizontal seam hanging wire mesh insulation nail spacing is generally how much
Insulation nail is a special anchor for external wall insulation, widely used in construction and decoration, the insulation of the wall insulation.
Q:Staircase plaster full of galvanized steel wire mesh, with nail fixed, nail spacing is how much
But in the construction process in order to ensure that the internal walls of the concrete interface and brick wall interface does not occur shrinkage cracks, the construction unit is best to ask the design institute or Party in this part of the width of not less than 300mm galvanized steel mesh, specifications can be outside
Q:What is the difference between steel mesh and steel wire mesh?
(Diameter 3 ~ 5mm), fine steel (diameter 6 ~ 10mm), thick steel (diameter greater than 22mm).
Q:Wall steel mesh set requirements?
Mainly to prevent cracks in the old and new wall joints, the general practice is not less than 300mm width of the wire mesh, different materials on each side of the pressure into the 150mm.
Q:What is the role of steel wire mesh in the outer wall of the building
Wrapped steel mesh is made of wall before making plasterwork in frame structure Brick body with frame column, wall contact with vertical seam and top horizontal seam,
Q:How to fix the plaster steel wire mesh
Plastering, commonly known as whitewash walls, refers to the use of river sand, lime or mortar king, cement, mixed with water mixing into cement mortar, cement mortar and then wipe the wall, insulation mortar plaster is to play the role of insulation, the North
Q:Protective Measures of Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh
Wall and the use of the external walls of the steel mesh (welded wire mesh) is different, the internal wall steel mesh specifications construction unit multi-purpose: the same mesh are 1/2 inch = 1.27cm, wire diameter wall 0.3-0.5mm,
Q:What is the difference between alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh and hot-dip galvanized steel wire mesh?
But it has proved that the use of enhanced double-layer enhanced alkali-resistant glass mesh reinforced, and alkali-resistant glass mesh fabric alkali corrosion resistance, construction and operation are better than hot-dip galvanized steel mesh.
Q:The problem of setting up the wire mesh above the warm coil
The above layer of steel mesh is the end of the warm pipe laying after the test pressure, add the filling layer is the bean layer, and then laying a layer of steel mesh, the role of 1 is to increase the compression.
Q:What is the fixed wire mesh in the building?
A nail is made of steel. One end has a flat head, the other end of the sharp, mainly from the fixed or connected role, can also be used to hang items.

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