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Professional Shale Shaker Screen Manufacturer in China

During mud cleaning euqipment, the replacement of shale shaker screen is a significate and inevitable process. As a result, drilling mud shaker screen selection is an important work. Certain drilling condition may request different screen to achieve optimal filtration and performance.

Shale Shaker Screen is professional manufacturer

As a professionalshaker screen manufacturer, we Aipu know much better on how to enhance screen performance or efficiency. Aipu shaker screens have been tested by 3rd unit in USA. Our screens size are conform to API RP13C. Furthermore, right here you will get one-step solutions. No matter what type of shaker screen you need, you will get the high quality items at very reasonable price.

Durable composite shale shaker screen in Aipu

Composite shaker screen including replacement screen panel for SWACO Mongoose screen, MD shaker screens, the King Cobra series shaker scree, the VSM300 screen, Hunter M series screen, etc.
The colors can be black, orange, yellow, or other customization options. All Aipu composite screen panels are highly appreciated by clients. They appreciate durable composite shaker screen bringing efficiency, and cost saving.
For the mesh size, it’s up to API 325 among popular sizes. Total range is from API 40 to API 400. Need custom built service? Contact Aipu solids control freely.

Features of Aipu composite screen

They are not only the durable composite shaker screen but also the competitive solutions for all users. Averagely, working life is over 500 hours. During the cooperation, our customers express their satisfaction and happiness with all composite screen panels.
Aipu solids control is the only manufacturer get compliance report on API RP13C shaker screen. We are so proud to supply all customer API RP13C shaker screens over the world.

Aipu shaker screen gained great success and reputation from different customers. To know more about the rare shaker screen replacement, please contact us freely. Our aim is to provide high quality products to our end users.

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