Chicken Wire - PVC-Coated Fencing Mesh


Product Info:

LOOKING TO BUILD A CHICKEN RUN? Check out our handy guide here to find out what materials and tools you will need, how much space you’ll need and our top tips on keeping your chickens in and foxes out! 

Our PVC-Coated Chicken Wire Mesh is manufactured from galvanised steel coated in a protective green plastic. Not only will this ensure a longer-lasting wire, but it’s safer for use with animals than the standard galvanised mesh. The green colour enables it to blend into the garden or fields much more easily. We offer a range of different lengths, heights, apertures and wire thicknesses.

Typical applications include:

  • Chicken coops
  • Rabbit runs
  • Garden fencing
  • Deer control fence mesh
  • Treeguards/Protecting trees from browsing animals
  • Chicken runs or poultry fencing
  • Anti-slip wire for decking and steps
  • Plastering and render support
  • Insulation support between joists

Associated Products:

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Technical Information:

If you are using this product to install a chicken coop or rabbit fence

Product Attributes

Finish: PVC Coated

Features & benefits:

  • All Pre-Order Chicken Wire will be due back in stock from January 2021
  • Provided as a roll for easier transport ‚Äì simply unroll and cut as required
  • Supplied in 20 gauge (0.9mm thick) to provide a solid fence when installed securely
  • Galvanised prior to the PVC coating to give it a longer life against the elements


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