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Commercial Chain Link Fences


Chain link is a cost-effective solution for commercial fences and is a great option for securing a large area. The fence gets its strength from the steel wire and diamond pattern which also provides flexibility when force is applied.

There are several options available, including different heights, gauges of mesh fabric, and colors to help match budgets and project needs.


Lower Upfront Cost
A commercial chain link fence is an affordable option compared to other fencing materials.

The woven nature of a chain link fence provides an unobstructed view of a property and the surrounding area while also providing the necessary security.

Low Maintenance
The galvanized and aluminized coatings used on the links help prevent rust so minimal maintenance is required.

Chain Link Fences

We use our expertise to help you choose the fabric, framework, and accessories to create the perfect system for your needs. Our chain link fence installation process ensures that your posts are properly spaced for the weight of the fabric and framework as well as to withstand expected wind loads. We also consider the design and construction of post footings to maintain the structural integrity of the fence. Each step of the way, we help you consider and build to the needed strength, security, and longevity of your chain link fencing system.

Galvanized After Weaving (GAW): The wire is first woven into the fabric and then galvanized with a zinc coating.

Galvanized Before Weaving (GBW): The wire is first galvanized with a zinc coating and then woven into fabric to protect against rust and corrosion.

Aluminized: Aluminum coated fabric provides the superior strength of steel along with the exceptionally smooth, long-lasting finish of aluminum.

Having a strong framework is important when installing a chain link fence as it is the backbone of the entire structure. We will help you choose the right components to withstand all application conditions.

Selvage refers to the way the individual ends of the wire are finished after being woven together. The wire can be “knuckled” to avoid sharp ends or “twisted” when more security is required.

Chain link fences can also be covered in a black or green color coating. This creates a decorative appearance and can help the fence to blend in with its surroundings.
Black Chain Link
Green Chain Link

Depending on your project, you may wish to add an accessory item to the fence. A sales rep can provide more details for these items upon request.

Privacy: Slats can be woven through the links to create privacy.

Added Security: If additional security is needed to ensure that a fence is not climbable, you can use mini-mesh fabric and / or add a razor or barbed wire at the top.

Top Caps: A top cap provides protection against injury by covering the barbs at the top while adding a decorative element to the overall fence. This is a popular option for athletic field fences.

Mini Mesh Fabric
Razor / Barbed Wire
Top Caps

Matching chain link walk gates, double drive gates, and cantilever gates are available to match all gauges and heights.

Learn more about all of our gate solutions.

Walk Gate Example
Double Drive Gate Example
Cantilever Gate Example
Maintenance & Warranty

Chain link fences are low maintenance because the galvanized and aluminized coatings used on the links help prevent rust. Learn more on how to care for a chain link fence

The product line is warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper usage for one year from the date of installation. Some manufacturers may also offer 10 – 25 year warranties, depending on the product. Your sales rep can provide additional information. Learn more about our warranties.


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