AviGard Premium Flex Long Life Bird Netting - 17'x100'

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Premium Flex Long Life and Super Premium Flex Extra Long Life - The search is over for the best bird netting we could find at an affordable price and quality we like. We are carrying 2 grades, the Long Life & Extra Long Life netting.
Specs for this product is as follows: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted yarn that is green in color. Rip-Stop construction prevents tears from spreading. Special UV stabilization. Soft yarn nets are gentle on the crops. Easy to apply. Stretches in length and width. 

At Seven Springs Farm we are putting this product to the test by leaving it up all year round, so far so good. In the spring of 2010 we built an arbor over our blueberries to hold the netting. We have 22 plants that are about 22 years old. Ever since then we have harvested over 10 gallons worth of blueberries per year. In the past we would have gotten about 2 to 3 gallons, even with the use of bird flash tape. We are sold on this product!! Please note that we have had our ELL netting up since the spring of 2010. It stays up all year in full sun and has gone through a rough winter as well. Currently the net looks as good as the day we put it up.

*Note* - The manufacturer's claim on this product life is as follows; Long Life (LL) 3- 4 seasons or longer. Extra Long Life (ELL) 7 - 10 seasons. This refers to a 6 - 8 week season that the netting is used.

Directions: We recommend installing bird netting over a structure to keep the fruit from sticking out of the netting. A commonly used structure can be constructed from 3/4 or 1" PVC pipe. We hold down the ends of our netting with bamboo lengths that we zip tie the netting to. You can also use PVC pipe for that if bamboo is not available.
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    Bird Netting

    Posted by stephen miller on 15th Aug 2018

    Works great. I cut into 20ft pieces for my fruit trees. have to wait to review the longevity. Best price and quality I could find on the internet.

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    Avigard Bird Netting

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2018

    This stuff goes on like a dream, esp after years of fighting with the cheap stuff and having it wind up in the lawn mower. My only recommendation is that for the small residential pipsqueak like me, that there also be 8 ft stakes available to hang it on. But I love it anyway and it clearly will be able to be used from season to season--lifts on and off raspberries like a dream!

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    Surprizingly pleased

    Posted by Judi on 24th Aug 2016

    I debated for 3 days over the Avigard diamond mesh flex vs. Avigard Easy Fit Square Mesh (from another website) or the same cheap BirdX / Ross Netting from local hardware stores. I finally asked my husband his opinion and he thought that the flexible netting would be easier to fit over grapes, blueberries or fruit trees. When my package arrived and I looked at the netting I was very skeptical. We laid it out next to the grapes, intending to drape in over them, pull it down and fasten it under them. But I had a better idea since we had purchased the 100' length. We draped one side of the grapes from about the middle on top and let in fall to the ground. We continue around to the other side, closing the gap on top by overlapping and letting all the extra fall to the ground. The mess is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. I thought that it would tangle but that was not the case. The only problem came when it came in contact with an old dry twisted tendril but breaking it off solved the issue. Branches did not tear the mesh - in fact, we used them to help hold the mesh in place by poking a small piece through. That and a few strategically placed clothes pins finished the job. We will have to think about how we are going to fold up such long netting, but for now I'm glad we purchased what appears to be a very good product. The proof will be when the grapes become more ripe and the birds try to rob the vines.

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