Attach cavity closer to RSJ......and rats!

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Spoonbill, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Spoonbill New Member

    Hi, First time post on this forum,

    In my kitchen, the room extends beyond the back wall of the house. the 'extension' (it's too small to be really that) has it's own pitched roof. The house wall is carried on two steel RSJs. I'd like to close this cavity, but I don't know if grab adhesive will stick the plastic of a cavity closer to the steel. Has anyone any experience?

    As an extra complication, there are rats in the wall cavity. I'm obviously trying to sort this out, but has anyone any suggestions to stop them eating through the cavity closer in the meantime? I was thinking of some galvanised mesh, and not sticking a cat in the cavity, although it may come to that .

  2. KIAB Super Member

    Pointless sealing cavity closer,galvanised mesh rats can chomp through it, kill the rats only solution, you need to find where they are coming from,want to bait their runs, taking percautions to protect other animals.
    Do you know if they are using drains for access, if so will need to bait manholes.

    Very good product below, rats were queing up for it, when used at previous place.
  3. Spoonbill New Member

    Thanks KIAB, I've got some poison down, but I've got dogs, so I've got to be careful. Trouble is, if I leave things as they are, I'm giving free run of the kitchen to the little b'stards, so I want to seal off their access if I can.
  4. b4xtr Active Member

    thought i saw someone on here say about rolling up chicken wire, jam it in the cavity then fill with expanding foam ?
    As kiab says though, you obviously have to deal with the rats one way or another and you don't want them dying in the cavity's cause they stink
  5. Spoonbill New Member

    Thanks b4xtr. That might slow them down
  6. KIAB Super Member

    Use two concrete blocks, even four laid flat gap between them,to create tunnel, paving slab or similar on top, then another block or two, lay posion in tunnel,rats love tunnels.

    Pointless sealing their access, they will find another way in, if there something they want in there. They can & will come up through a toilet if on ground floor.

    If they are also using drains, you can fit vermin flaps (non return valve) to drains in manhole which downstair toilet feeds into.

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  7. KIAB Super Member

  8. Pollowick Screwfix Select

    High velocity injection of lead is normally fatal for rats!

    Neighbours had chickens which is enough to attract them. A silenced air rifle - you only hear a click and thud, is enough. One afternoon, the neighbour was chatting to the neighbours on the other side when I called him across - three dead in the chicken run, he had not heard anything and even the first two keeling over was not enough to spook the remainder.
  9. Spoonbill New Member

    Thanks Guys
    I think the problem with the rats is going to be difficult because I live next to a field with all sorts of overgrown areas. Have a feeling i'm in for the long haul.
    Anyone know if I can glue plastic to the steel's with just regular grab adhesive?
  10. sospan Screwfix Select

    You can glue plastic to the RSJ but the rats will love it.

    This sort of stuff
    With crushed glass and cement

    If you have a look for Rentokil Pasta Bait. - these are circular disks the size of 2p that can either be placed somewhere secure where the rats run but the dogs can reach or you can fix them with a nail or screw through the centre high up.

    If they are going to be a perpetual problem could always get a Patterdale or Jack Russel.
  11. Jord86 Screwfix Select

    The best method of dealing with rats I've ever heard was by someone I used to work with, like yourself lived next to a field and had a vermin issue. Put down a bowl full of smash (instant mashed potato) and a bowl of water. The greedy little fxxxxrs gorge on the smash apparently then gulp down the water. The water reacts with the potato and bloats them like a balloon, which at that point he happened to take advantage of them with his .22 air rifle worth a try if you only get one!!
  12. KIAB Super Member

    Repeat baiting will deal with them, just takes time, & change posions.
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  13. Pollowick Screwfix Select

    Not as rewarding though!

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