• Save fertilizer and pesticides
  • Promote better crop development
  • High strength and UV resistant, durable
  • Best protection against pests





Made to Measure


Anti-insect net was invented to protect crops from the damage caused by pests(such as aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, whitefly…etc.), Anti-insect net can prevent these insects and parasites from sabotaging crops. Because its design, anti-insect net reduces usage of chemical fertilizer and make crops grow more naturally. In our products, anti-insect net is the most innovative, researchable and effective solution.

Due to the rapid evolution of these parasites, the damage caused by insects and aphids continues to breed, and under the evolution of these agricultural pests, we need to continuously improve our anti-insect net. The company has invested a large amount of resources in the development of anti-insect nets, to always maintain high quality standards, which allows us to achieve good qualities and an excellent level of competitiveness.

Anti-insect nets do not only keep pests, birds and bats from harming crops, but also filter out excessive sunlight and prevent sunburn, which can significantly improves productivity. It also forms a barrier to completely blocks hail and protects crops from frost and being ripped yet provides maximin air flow possible.

For crops grown under a higher density mesh (eg 50 mesh), the green houses will also provide crops ventilation. However, it can also be used as a windbreak to create a safe and peaceful growing environment and help increase production.

Our Anti-insect nets are made of 100% virgin HDPE with UV stabilizer monofilament yarns that are durable and resistant to the sun. Anti-insect nets have strong edges, they are flexible, light and easy to spread. It is also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

With rising eco-friendly conscious, people are getting aware of what pesticides can do to earth and human. Finding alternative solution to pesticides becomes critical. Governments start to regulate such toxic substance. On the other side, evolution of the insects has made them grow resistant to chemical pesticides, so the it’s not as effective while these insects still do damage to crops and spread diseases.

Anti-insect net becomes another solution to protect crops in respond to this situation, we need various advanced anti-insect nets that prevent pests and insects from entering the crops’ growing environment. With anti- insect nets, we can minimize using amount of chemical fertilizers, make the product to grow in a eco-friendly environment.

  • Save fertilizer and pesticides
  • Promote better crop development
  • High strength and UV resistant, durable
  • Best protection against pests


Specification 16mesh 24mesh 25mesh 32mesh 40mesh 50mesh 55mesh
Weaving(cm) 6x6 9.45x9.45 8x10 12.6x12.6 16x10 20x10 22x10
Shading Factor 15%       22% 24%  
GSM 60-65g 70-75g 110g 80g 110g 120g-130g 130g
Raw Material VirginHDPE VirginHDPE VirginHDPE VirginHDPE VirginHDPE VirginHDPE VirginHDPE
Life Time(year) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Widths 1M-5M (Widths above 5M can be customized)