Anti-climb Fence

An anti-climb fence is one of the simplest ways to stop unauthorised persons from entering your property. It could be a purpose designed security structure, or an ordinary fence or wall fitted with anti-climb devices such as security spikes, wall spikes or fence spikes. 

What is an Anti-climb fence?

An anti-cimb fence is a type of fencing that makes it difficult to gain accesses to a property or grounds by climbing.

Anticlimb fencing can be a specifically designed security fence such as prison mesh, which is basically a steel panel formed from robust welded vertical and horizontal steel wires to form a mesh with holes too small to allow anyone to get a grip on it to aid climbing.


Alternatively, anti climb fencing may be a standard wall or fence that has been retro fitted with special anti-climb wall spikes or anti-climb fence spikes or possibly a rotating anti climb barrier such as Roller Barrier from Insight Security.

Who would use an Anti-climb fence?

Anti climb fencing is used extensively by businesses and commercial organisations. Typically, it is used around storage yards and depots where valuable stock might be held.

Anti climb systems are also widely used by schools as well as institutions such as secure medical facilities and prisons. Anwhere there is a risk that someone might attempt to scale a wall or climb a fence anti-climb tactics are effectively employed to reduce the associated risk.

In fact the Anti-climb fence is useful almost anywhere that has a problem with unauthorised people gaining access, from homes to parks & gardens. Nobody wants vandals wrecking expensive plant displays, damaging buildings or thieving.

Anti-Climb Fencing Restrictions, Legal Issues & Guidance.

An anti-climb fence fitted with anti-climb spikes, anti-intruder paint or other anti-climb devices, could present a risk of injury to anyone attempting to climb over the structure. Therefore there are certain restrictions on where and how they can be used and in some cases what signage is required if they are used.

Under the Occupier`s Liability Act 1984 it is the responsibility of the property owner to exercise a duty of care to anyone who enters their property, whether they should be there or not. The property owner is required to protect people from injury as a result of a foreseen hazard. Minimising the risk of injury and displaying warning signs regarding the anti-climb techniques employed is an effective way to ensure that a property owner complies with the law.

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