Enclosures Webnet – A material such as Webnet is the ideal creative and functional alternative to fencing and bars. All over the world, increasing numbers of zoological gardens are using it as the resource of choice for new animal enclosures. Word of the positive experience gained with this material is gradually spreading among the experts. Webnet is safety-certified, weather-resistant and highly durable and requires little or no maintenance. Even the initial investment can be considered comparatively cost-effective.

A very promising new development in this field was first used in 2010 for the crab-eating macaque enclosure in Basel Zoo: the sleeveless Webnet. It is able to withstand greater stresses than a sleeved wire rope of equal thickness, so that a thinner zoo mesh can be used to increase transparency. Architects engaged in planning new enclosures will be attracted to Webnet.

The primary supporting structures for the mesh can be steel pylons or the steel arches that accent the enclosures. Of course, Webnet can also simply be strung between the ground and a protective roof. The architectural and design options are still far from exhausted.

At any rate, Jakob not only supplies turnkey systems, but also provides competent and committed support to architects in the development of solutions. So far, Webnet has been used mainly for monkey enclosures and aviaries. However, it is equally suitable for predatory animals. In principle, Webnet allows the construction of enclosures for most land animal species, as the size and resilience of the mesh structure can be adjusted to suit any specific requirements simply by choosing wire ropes of the appropriate diameter. Given these advantages, it is justifiable to predict a bright future for Webnet in the construction of zoo enclosures mainly because it allows constructions of practically any shape and size.

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