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Covering a fruit cage


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    Covering a fruit cage

    So these are the dimensions of the cage (see pictures):

    I'm not quite sure about the most fail safe way to cover this. The height is not so much of a problem, but the width is a problem being more than 2metres.

    Inside the cage I have:

    victorian plumb (that needs training)
    2x blueberries
    1x red currant
    1x black currant
    1x white currant

    So the diameter of the netting does not need to be small, unless someone gives a reason as to why smaller insects like bees and butterflies should not be allowed to pass? Just to stop robin sized birds and above from entering through.

    Before I start looking for a place to buy. I was thinking about covering the ceiling of the cage seperately to the sides. Given the dimensions this seems the most economical option. Trying to cover everything in one go would mean a width of netting 2.6+2+2 = 6.6metres, but experience tells me I will need at least 8metres. This is because the poles extend up beyond the cage each. I will take photos later to illustrate.

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    If you want to keep birds out, you need to make sure they can't creep under the bottom of the cage - as the blackbirds do here.
    Also, that the netting does not entangle bird's feet.


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      Yes thank you. Having found a sparrow in there yesterday the stuff I currently have I know is not fit for purpose. New holes are made as quickly as I can patch them.

      So looking at the measurements if I was to drape the netting over the whole lot I would need what looks to be 8metres by 10metres. I feel more comfortable leaving extra length for bunching, as you mention, stuff gets in underneath. I may also run some relatively cheap mesh around the bottom perimeter which is currently being used to hold compost.

      This stuff: Apollo 50mm Galvanised Wire Netting 0.9 x 10m | Wire Netting |

      I may also need to create and entry door at some point but this can wait.

      I like the look of this stuff in 8x10 size, but it's currently unavailable:

      2m 4m 6m 8m 10m wide Anti Bird Netting butteryfly fruit cage pond garden mesh | eBay

      Do you think my measurements stack up? I'll get some photos of the cage as it stands when I go up later this evening to water.

      Oh yes and to say the netting will be secured with cable ties and I may try to find some lengths of metal rod to run along the base, which is mor efficient than using bricks here and there, they are also a refuge for slugs and snails.
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        Sorry, can't help with measurements - I'd only get it wrong
        I use debris netting for everything! This stuff - other suppliers are available



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          Do you happen to have any photos of this on your site? I'd very much appreciate having a look


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            When I get 5 minutes I'll be making mine using this netting Bird Netting 4m, 6m, 8m, 12m, 14m, 20 Meter Anti Pond Garden Fruit cage Veg net I've just bought some to cover a pond and it's much better than the cheap stuff.

            I previously had debris netting over it, it does the job but it don't half look horrible.


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