Classification of barbed wire

Apr 16, 2018

Strand structure of barbed wire

the barbed wire can be pided into single strand barbed wire and double strand barbed wire.

Single strand barbed wire. 

It has the simplest structure, which contains single strand and barbs. Compared with the double strand barbed wires, it is much more economical and lighter weight. It is suitable for the common applications. But it is easy to destroy and cut, so it is not suitable for heavy duty applications.

Double strand barbed wire. 


It is formed with two strand wires (line wires). The barbs are twisted between of the two wires and fastened onto the linewire. The double strand barbed wire can supply higher tensile strength to prevent cutting or destroying. It is suitable for the heavy duty applications, such as prisons, military sites and other places.Barb structure of barbed

wireBarbs are very important for the barbed wire. The strong barbs with sharp points can resist bending. It can frighten and defend thieves and intruders. They can also contain your animals and livestock safely in your farm or ranching. The barb can be single or double wires for different applications.Single barb. Also known as 2-point barbed wire. It is contains single barb wire twisted on the line wire. The single barb wires is used in the common applications. Or if your farms or pens has

enough space for rearing animal or livestock, you can choose the single barb (2-point) barbed wire.Double barbs. It is also called 4-point barbed wire. Use two barb wires twisted together onto the line wire. It can supply greater hurt factor for your sites or ranching. It is widely used in the heavy duty applications. Or if your farms or ranches has a herd pressure, you can choose the 4-point barbed wire.

Twist style of barbed wire

As we all know, the double strand barbed wire is made of two high quality steel wire and

then twisted together to form a higher strength and more rigid structure. It can be pided into traditional twist and reverse twist according to different twist direction.

Traditional twist barbed wire. 

In the barbed wire production, commonly, the steel wires are twisted in single direction,

which is the traditional twist. This type barbed wire has a simple structure and the barbs are positioned and twisted between the two line wire. The traditional twisted barbed wire is suitable for all common applications.

Reverse twist barbed wire. 

Reverse twisted barbed wire refers to the steel wires are twisted in the opposite direction and the barbs are positioned and twisted outside of the two line wire. Compared with traditional barbed wire, the reverse twist barbed wire can supply high tensile strength and breaking strength. It is a bit more expensive than the traditional twist barbed wire and it is suitable for the heavy duty applications to withstand the high impact from external.





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