UNS S30400

Also referred to as “18-8” stainless, 304 SS wire mesh is one of the most common sorts of woven stainless steel wire cloth. 304 stainless steel wire mesh screen has excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of chemical and industrial atmospheres. Type 304 SS, often referred to as T-304, is non-magnetic in the annealed condition, but becomes slightly magnetic when cold worked. Heating is permitted within 900 and 1600° F. Also commonly used for welded wire mesh screen products such as architectural trim, food processing and handling, chemical handling equipment, household appliances, textile dying equipment, oil refinery still tubes, and steam piping.

Because of its popularity, it can be said that 304 SS wire cloth has become the most common and most readily available wire cloth of all materials.

304 SS Wire Mesh Fact Sheet

Composition [Cr 18-20%, Ni 8-11%, C 0.08% max.]
Specifications ASTM A580, AMS 5697
Density 0.286 lbs/in³
Tensile Strength 120 Kpsi*
Elongation 35%*
Melt 2600° F
Max. Operating Temperature 1600° F

* Tensile strength and elongation are for annealed 0.012″ wire diameter. Please note that material performance data is provided a reference guide only… There are many factors involved in wire cloth performance, so please consult with an experienced engineer before choosing the metal best suited for your unique needs!

Typically available stock meshes of stainless steel wire cloth are to too extensive to list. Please send your request and we will be happy work out price and availability.