What is nickel wire mesh and metal alloy wire mesh

Nickel and Metal alloy wire mesh its mainly chemical composition of nickel ,chromium and copper.Such as pure Nickel wire mesh,Monel wire meshandInconel wire mesh.

Features of Nickel Wire mesh and alloy wire mesh:
superior elongation, compressive strength, surface finish, oxidation resistance, resistance to sulfur resistance, permeability and other functions. More times repeated bending, resistance and temperature coefficient of stability, allowing high surface load, light weight and economical price. High strength and resistance to corrosion, high electric resistance alloys (high nickel and iron-chromium-aluminum), high temperature alloy, precision alloy, heat-resistant alloys, special alloys, stainless steel, etc. are common and commonly used nickel-chromium alloy.
Uses: Widely used in shipbuilding and military aerospace power desalination chemical machinery medical equipment and other areas in national economic development has an important position and role.
Anping Huaxi Wire Mesh can weave Nick wire mesh
30meshx0.15mm – 0.25mm
60mesh x 0.08mm-0.14mm
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